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The e-commerce.

URGENT help neede... Can osc support these or not?


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Hello all.

I like oscommerce a lot, and is my scipt of choice when i have to setup a web shop.

However, we have a client that needs some things. I dont know if they can be done in oscommerce and how.

If you happen to know, please let me know, as we have a very limited deadline on this...


1) Product listing has to look like an excell spreadsheet or something like that.

Client needs that because the site is going to be a b2b shop, so they need all products in one page

so changes in colors, quantities and everything is shown alltogether in one screen.


2) Every member can see certain products. This is done so not all members get to see the same products.


3) change the "my cart" to "my order" wherever applicable


4) a couple of custom pages where the current campaings will run.


5) lock the site, so only registered members can enter


6) no user can register by himself, but passwords are given by the admin



These are the most significant things they need. Is oscommerce able to be modified to that?

if it can, how?

if not, can you recommend something? A different solution?




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