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The e-commerce.

How do I allow public to purchase


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I just want to allow people to buy downloadable products with membership an option and if they DO join as a member they'll be joining my actual membership site, not my shopping cart software's membership thingy!


How do I enable the general public to just buy a download with paypal, without all the form-filling?





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I can see all sorts of references to "PWA" but where exactly do I find this thing?


Is it something I have to download and if so where from and where to?





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Go to the contributions section then put pwa in the search box







Thank you for that Bear.


Had a read of the first 3 pages, skipped to the end and have decided this software is too complex and unfinished for my needs. I only have 2 products and 2 prices and already run a paid membership site, I think it will be much easier to just place a download link inside the member's area with the one top of the range product and one price.


Thanks anyway.


I'll say one thing before I go - the current system of adding a product and then having to move it into a catagory is daft, took me numerous attempts to figure out why products were showing but not within the catagory intended!


Also why not do the product's attributes while adding the product? Again I had to come to this forum to find out how to make a product downloadable. Why couldn't I just tick "Downloadable? Y/N and if yes "Where's the file?" Would have taken seconds instead of an afternoon.


Overall nice software but way more than I need yet doesn't really do what little I do need.







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