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The e-commerce.

easypopulate.php>> 'Insert into DB' isn't working...


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Okayyyy..... I'm using easypopulate 2.76-ms2, on an installation of osCommerce (2.2) through my web host. Yeah, one of those automatic installations through vdeck -- that might be my problem right off the bat, but I'll keep going because it is late and I'm reasonably drunk on cheap cider.



All the directories are set up correctly, all the files are in the right places, and I can download the complete tab delimited text file through easypopulate.php, which gives me a text file with all of the necessary headers and a few of the sample products that default in the osCommerce installation.




I make a subtle change to the text file (I changed 'intelliMouse' to 'intelliHouse', and then I was just going to search for the one change I made...) in textedit (I'm on a Mac). In EP, in the Upload EP file, I 'browse' and select the modified text file with the intelliHouse, and then click 'insert into db'.


A few seconds later, I get this message:


File uploaded.

Temporary filename: /tmp/phpog3nHK

User filename: EP2006May21-1301(2).txt

Size: 80717



And that's it. The catalog hasn't changed (intelliHouse is nowhere to be found). In the instructions for EasyPopulate, specifically Item #6 in the 'USAGE' section, there should apparently be a display that lists the items I am importing... I don't see any of that. It makes me sad.


Any help would be so great, I'm just at a loss for what to do next...

Thanks in (hiccup) advance



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