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The e-commerce.

how does payment work overall


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This is a silly question but I do not know any of the payment options in the menu

For paypal it's pretty simple right, they just enter the money to email.


But what about the credit card payment, how does that work. Do i have to sign up somewhere to do this.

which options are used by people here and how do I use it.

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If you are going to use paypal install a contribution, not the one that comes with osCommerce as a lot of people have issues with it.



To accept credit cards a different way you have to have a merchant account somewhere... an account where you can process payments. You should also have a secure site. Means you may have to pay your host extra. Some charge more, some have it included. You will also need a secure certificate. Again, this may come with your package through your host or it may not and will have to be purchased.


There are a ton of contributions for payments so you could take a look through there to see what modules are available. Avialable so you wouldn't have to write one, plus it means other people use/have used the company with osCommerce.


If you need more info look through the forums, this topic has been discussed a bunch of times. : ) Good luck.

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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