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Members Pricing


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I would like to add a module to give members a discount, but I would like the module to show both original and club member price on every item (except specials) even when just browsing the site. I would like the module to show the discounts to every one but only give the discount to loged in members when the check out.


The members discount is fixed to the same percentage on all products.


Any help greatly appreciated.


Cheers Garry

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I solved similar issues easy way... as I am new to Oscommerce ..still exploring this genius script... and learning.

what I did for my members I just assigned attributes.. to chose from 1. member with 10% discount.. and enter each product price discount.. ex -$10.00 if price was 100


then another option called non member. It is probably better and more professional way.. but I found it easer for myself at this moment.


So for example .. if product show price .. $40.00 .. it also show options for members and non members.

Non members options I just enterend nothing..


It works fine.. . However all options for each products I had to enter and caluculate manually from start :(


However it is not really what you asked for ..to give this options only for members. But I had no clue yet how to solve membership problem... as everyone at this moment is member ..Still reading .. how to allow to make purchases without signing in.

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You could use something like this


and just change the wording from MSRP to member cost?


There is also this one


does the same thing as the one above but I have used this one so I know you can change it so it doesn't show savings if you don't want it to.

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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