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The e-commerce.

Early stages... Tell me what you think i should fix and add


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Please vist the site. Tell me what is good and bad. Or simply just what needs to be added. I am not a pro PHP programming, just merely a wannabe trying to piece everything together and making it work without screwing things up. Good and bad comments are more than welcomed!!!!!


Click on DVD Pulse to view the website. But please remember, it is only in the early stages and any orders will not be processed nor delivered. Some links may not be available because they have not been added yet.


I have added:


short descriptions in the what's new, specials and category sections.

added account balance module/point & rewards contributions (great one!)

featured products contributions

stylesheet.css changed

sts contribution

latest news contribution

scrolling best sellers contribution


still need to add:


promotions section

wishlist contribution

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just one more question... should i install the gift voucher contribution? I have read about many people having problems with it. What would you say the level of difficulty is on a 1 - 10 scale.

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First impressions, without clicking around, is it's good. :thumbsup:


One contribution, of a long list to come probably, you definately need is a thumbnail mod. Your site takes an age to load because it is so image intensive, some might say too much and is sticky scrolling.


I would recommend 'On the Fly' Auto Thumbnailer very highly. It is very easy to install and very effective, you can even set an in between image size for the product info page. Go for the nate_02631 15 Dec 2005 version, I know that works great.

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Site looks excellent. One thought though: It's easy to load 10-20 items, one at a time. How are you going to load 10k DVD's images, synopsis, prices, etc?

I have DSL, so the image load was fast, just like Amazon.


I assume you will also have credit card processing. I recommend and use AuthorizeNet as a gateway. Lots of contributions for it.

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Thank you for the replies guys. I appreciate it very much. "On the Fly Auto Thumbnailer" will be installed today along with a few others. I will be using Authorize.net as my payment processor.


As for the database, I have a database filled with about 30,000 titles included in it. I will just need to easy populate the files accordingly.


As for any other contributions that I may have missed that should be included, please let me know as I am a newbie to osCommerce and PHP. Again, thank you for your comments and I wish you all the best of luck with your online ventures!!

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