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Paypal adding $2.00 to Order ?


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I did a test order for a downloadable product. No shipping fee. Price ofthe download was $1.00 by thetime i reached the check out it was still $1.00 . When i got to the paypal window for payment there $1.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling added for a total of $3.00.



Any one know why this is happening and how to get rid of it?


Is there a minimum of how much money you can send through paypal ?



Thnks for the help.

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It sounds like you've got your Pay Pal account set up to apply shipping charges.




Yes I had that problem too - I went into my Paypal profile and found the option to disable it for website payments and hey presto it worked - You can do it!




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Oh man you are the greatest. That is what it was.



You wouldnt know how i can hide the download link now when the customer downloads so theycant copy the link location and know where file is would ya?



Preciate your help. Im a newb with Oscoomerce and all this stuff. Learngin curve is kind of steep going from Static Web Designs to this Full blown Shopping cart stuff .. There is jsutso much stuff to worrry about and take into consideration.




lol Make me only want to sell one product and stickto my simple paypal button lol



Thanks again

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