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Rotating Banner


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Hello moderators and members,


I would like to know how I can enable ROTATING BANNERS in my store. I have grouped them into sizes, say 120x90, 234x50, etc.. but only the first banner of the first group is shown all the time. Could you please lead me to a link featuring a script that may solve this problem?


Also, I would like to remove the line "This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 21 May, 2006." Is it possible? Please give me an advise. Thank you.


My online store: www.pinoybookstoreonline.com/store

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To remove the date that a product was added from the Products description page, follow these steps:


1. Using an FTP program (eg. Filezilla) download the ../catalog/includes/languages/English/product_info.php file


2. Using a text editor (eg. Notepad), modify the ?TEXT_DATE_ADDED and the TEXT_DATE_AVAILABLE? definitions:


Before modification:


define('TEXT_DATE_ADDED', 'This product was added to our catalog on %s.');




define('TEXT_DATE_AVAILABLE', 'This product will be in stock on %s.');


After modification:


define('TEXT_DATE_ADDED', ' ');




define('TEXT_DATE_AVAILABLE', ' ');


3. Save your changes


4. Upload the modified product_info.php file back to ../catalog/includes/languages/English/product_info.php using your FTP client

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