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Googiespell Multilanguage Spell Check Script Support


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Download Googiespell - http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4200

Googiespell Multilanguage Spell Check Script adds a spell check to your orders.php page where you communicate with your customers. It will check your spelling and make you look like a professional!


Please post any questions you have here and I will try to help you the best I can. I will try to release updates along with the updates released by ATG (http://amix.dk/projects/GoogieSpell - creator of source code that powers googiespell)


Hope you enjoy this script!

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  • 1 month later...

Would like to add - Thank you for your contribution. The instalation is easy, and the upgrades are super easy.


Thank you also for your subsequent upgrades.


Appreciated by many I am sure.





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Usually I don't want to occupy space here just to say Thank You, but I'm making an exception because this is such a brilliant contribution both in it's simplicity to install and in it's usefulness. I'm pretty good at spelling correct and now thanks to this Googiespell feature my wife is good at it as well.


Well done and thanks once again!

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To Everyone: Your welcome! I am just so releaved that I finally found a solution that worked so seamlessly. It took me forever to find one that actaully worked as advertised. Amir is amazing!


To redrum: Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner (I was supposed to get emails but apparently the board didnt send me one!) The advantage to not requiring cUrl is that it allows people who dont have cUrl installed by their webhost to still use this script! Ya, nothing to complicated.



(sorry for the spelling... no spell check in these forums!)

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  • 2 months later...

Has anybody integrated the Googie Spell Checker into the Product Description area. It would be a very useful tool there. I tried to integrate it but I'm not very good at that. I get it to work in the product descriptions editor page but my existing text disappears when I add in the a couple of pieces of the code.


'', 'id="tal" class="textarea"'



I am using the MS2 HTML WYSIWYG Editor, Product Desc, Email +, so it is more complicated that it would be with a plain shop.




If there are any takers for this challenge, here is my code and the links for the contributions:




Here's the Googie Spell Checker:






And the MS2 HTML WYSIWYG Editor, Product Desc, Email +






I can do all the steps except the one below,


my code with out the integration is as follows:






<td class="main" valign="top"><?php if ($i == 0) echo TEXT_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION; ?></td>

<td><table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">


<td class="main" valign="top"><?php echo tep_image(DIR_WS_CATALOG_LANGUAGES . $languages[$i]['directory'] . '/images/' . $languages[$i]['image'], $languages[$i]['name']); ?> </td>

<td class="main"><?php echo tep_draw_textarea_field('products_description[' . $languages[$i]['id'] . ']', 'soft', '70', '15', (isset($products_description[$languages[$i]['id']]) ? $products_description[$languages[$i]['id']] : tep_get_products_description($pInfo->products_id, $languages[$i]['id']))); ?></td>








Fingers crossed that someone picks this up!

I like these mods, there fun! ...65 70 72 75 80 85 125+ contributions installed and counting...


Tools I'm using: OSC2.2 milestone2, Filezilla for FTP, PHP Designer 2007PE (nice), Araxis Merge 6.5 to compare files, XP(my box), Remote Server is shared Apache 1.3 Cpanel, CURL, and PHPmyAdmin through my hosts Cpanel to mess up the database.

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