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Stock Attributes not decreasing with QTPro

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I am running CRE loaded 6.15. I have merged the code from QTPro 4.25 into the CRE Loaded. All looks fine.. I can get through all pages with no more syntax errors or parse errors etc. I can order a product and once I confirm the order I see in the admin that the overall stock quantity is reduced. But the stock attribute quantity is not. So for example, a t-shirt, I set in the admin for that product that I have a total of 10 t-shirts. I have two stock attributes with the following quantities:


small 2

medium 2


I go to the cart, order 1 small and 1 medium then I get the email about my order. The email matches what I bought, the over stock of 10 is reduced by two (2). But when I click the Stock button for that product the Small still says 2 and the Medium still says 2.


I went through every single page in this forum thread before posting this question. i tried the fix from helpneeder and a few others. But nothing seemed to fix the problem. I did see alot of talks about this contribution and osCommerce and the Paypal contrib. The paypal is installed as well. But to simplify things for now I was buying the product using the check/money order option so I can stay on the shopping cart and not get redirected. I tried different combinations of the shipping methods and purchase methods but everything behaves the same way... no deduction of the stock for the attributes..


Maybe someone can help. I was thinking to start, someone could tell me the exact page that actually does the update to the stock attributes or "should" do the update to the stock attributes.



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Rob, Did you get this worked out? I got the same problem & need a fix!

I, too, have the same problem. But just now I found this thread =( I'm probably blind or something. But if someone has figured this out, the information about that would be nice.



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