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Adding unique serial numbers to each item on an invoice


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I've looked through the forums extensively and gone through the knowledge base and haven't seen much on this.


The serial numbers I use are unique to each item... every single item has it's own serial. If I sell the exact same model of hard drive twice, they will have two different serial numbers. I'd like to add these serial numbers for each item in an invoice after the order has been placed by customers. Once they are added, the customer will see them on their invoice included with the shipment. I then would like to be able to search for their order a year later when they come to me saying "my product with serial #: 12345 needs replacing". So the only way to handle this (I think) is to put it into the invoice after it is created.


There is one Contribution (here) that does some of this but it is not widely used from what I can tell, and I am sure that someone else has come up with something better.


Any advice or direction would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch!



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Somebody... anybody... everybody... :)


I'm trying to do almost the exact same thing - I need to keep track of serial numbered inventory (each instance of a product is unique).


Did you find a solution?



Adam DiCarlo

F2 Incorporated


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yeah this would be cool....i wanna do this as well, but i can't even setup my inventory tracker properly...where are all the code wizards in here to help the youngins'....


Unfortunatelly, it is not out there. I am lookinf for over a year now. I need a database where i store serials with a link to the article database. When a purchase is succesfully i want the serial to be sent to the buyer per purchased item one serial (so 4 items, 4 different serials).


There is a mod that allows you to enter serials on the order edit page and then process the order, but i do software delivery.


If anyone has an idea, feel free to come forward. Appearantly there is a need for it.



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