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worldpay order not logged in customers account


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Hi, i hope someone can help me as my webdesigner has gone AWOL.


I have just received an order via worldpay and the transaction is not showing up in the orders admin section so i do not know what they have purchased.


This only happens once in a while, most of the time my worldpay orders are logged fine.


Can anyone help with any suggestions to rectify this for future orders?


Many thanks.

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This has been happening in PayPal too. It started on my sites the first of the year.


So far, no one has a definitive answer for me.


If you find out, please let me know too. Sorry I cannot be of any more help but I am wondering the same thing. The only way I know what they ordered is to set it up for order confirmation emails to be sent to me from the site. You can set this up in the configuration area.


Sorry can't tell you more.

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Okay, for the benefit of anyone else having this problem in the future i think i may have found out what has been going wrong.


When the customers payment has been accepted by worldpay and is redirected back to my site, i have a screen which has the worldpay transaction code and a message saying - "Please wait... whilst we finish processing your order. If you are not automatically re-directed in 10 seconds, please click continue."

If the customer decides they do not want to wait and clicks the continue button the order is not completed and not logged in the admin orders section.


An easy fix is that i'm going to do is rewrite the text and remove the button (i said it was an easy fix :P )



Dave, not sure if this will help you but i too had the problem with paypal a while ago, to solve it i had to go into my paypal account under Profile select Selling Preferences / Website Payment Preferences. Turn auto return ON. For the return URL enter: http://www.yoursite.com/checkout_process.php

The database will now be updated with the order details.


Hope this helps.



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