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On the default install, on the main page, it lists Upcoming Products. If you click on the priduct, you can only see the product if it is marked as "In stock", but you may not have it in stock yet, but want customers to see the product. How can this be done?


Second, if it can be done, can you offer the customer to "pre-order" the product? As in add it to their cart, and only charge them $10 until the product is released, then I can send an email to those customers who "pre-ordered" the product that they need to pay the remaining amount.


Thanks for any and all help!!!!!!

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I too have the same question.


Basically, is there a way to set it up so that customers can order a product, and either not pay for it or pay for it as soon s its available? Even better if you can set up a seperate type of e-mail for mixed orders, etc.

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A secondary search for backorder kind of seemed to have leads...but still no helpful information I could find.


How can you take orders, postpone (Or set an amount) of the order/item being paid? Even better if you can send a different type of e-mail stating that the product will arrive N and be shipped out after that.

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