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Need help with tep_db_connect() and tep_db_close()


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I want to be able to have oscommerce use mutiple database but i'm a little worried about using tep_db_connect() and tep_db_close(). I know when you want to use another database you have to call tep_db_close() to close the default database and then you have to call tep_db_connect(,,,new_database) to connect to the new database. If there are a lot of user on my webpage going to different pages won't there eventually be a clash between the right database to use? For exampe:


User A clicks on the index.php page which calls tep_db_connect() for the default database and almost at the same time user B clicks on product_listing.php (which uses a different database) that calls tep_db_close(). Won't this affect User A in the sense they won't be able to access the default database? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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have a look in this contribution file: phpbb_forum_external.php It shows a possible way to connect/disconnect to a 2nd dbase.





Thank you for this link it does help but it doesn't really answer my question. It opens and closes the default db and I just wanted to know will this effect a user if they are trying to pull data from the default db? thank you.

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