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The e-commerce.

different images on packing slip. Coding Problem


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Hi there everyone.


This will be an easy one for any who knows php to do. me hopes :)




I have 2 shop fronts running of the same database.


ShopA and ShopB


I have hard coded the the name shopA or ShopB into the custmer registation page (Its Hidden)


At the moment when i generate a packing slip/ invoice the hard coded shop name comes up where the telephone number should be. to show which shop front the custmer come from. Which is great and works.


Now what i am trying to do is....


At the top of the page where the logo sits i need to some how display the shopA or the shopB logo.


I have a ShopA and ShopB logo in the images folder.


So i am thinking the best way of doing it would be to somehow build the url from the hidden telephone number value.


eg <img src="shopA.gif"> by taking the customer telephone number and adding the .gif to the end of it.



Im sure its simple and probably only one line of code.


Can anyone help??




Colin Smith

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Hi again.


ok ok ok I guess its clear that nobody knows.


But anyone wanna just point me in the right direction or hazzard a guess.


Cmon peeps give me a clue

Please I beg you

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ok heres a rap poem


yo yo ecommerce i love

but i got a prob and i just cant shove


i need some help is there anyone there

im starting to wonder if anyone care


So please help me cause i dunnoh wot to do

php programmers gain the orderly que

to help me solve me problems or i shot myself in the head.




Help prevent the death of a oscommerse community member.

donate your skills today.

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