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Can't get weight tables to work


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I have tried all the methods to get the weight / price tables to work. I have set the tare and perentage increase to 0, looked at all possible avenues on and off these forums, but it still won't resolve for me.

I want to have the following price table:




However when I add the following items together:


6, 6, 2,5, 2.5 (in weight) I get a price of ?100!

What on earth is going on?

This is getting annoying and rather urgent sorry.

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Tam Lister,

Ok I see your pain....What I would do...

If you have checked everything and your table setup looks good to me...I would uninstall the shipping option and go into the configuration

table and see if your shipping set up has truly been removed...If it has

and you still are getting bad money calc...then it is time to put displays

into your shipping module to display the weight it is useing to match on

this can be done easly....

use the echo command as an example


echo 'weight: '.$weight;


I am just using $weight as an example...you need to find the variable

that is being used in the module to match on...the command above

will display the amount....

If you can't find the variable to use just tell me which shipping module that you are using...

Hope this helps


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