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Multiple Catalog/Attribute Selection


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I don't even know how to search for this one - although I can't imagine I'm the only one trying to do this.


Here is the situation:


We have jars ? many styles, sizes and colors. We find distinct glass canisters, jars or vases so we have a small count of lot of different styles. I would like to make it as easy as possible for someone to view these jars by certain attributes. People will be interested in any combination of the following attributes.


Style: (e.g. ribbed glass; canister, teardrop vase; pedestal vase; apothecary; etc)

Shape: round, square, teardrop, tapered, hourglass

Color (clear, light blue, dark blue, teal, amber, brown, sunburst, etc?)



Volume / capacity

Cover type: Glass, cork, nickel plated

Of course price



I don?t think putting these in one category really helps much. While I can pick one attribute to use for the catalog category but I really would like folks to be able to select specific attributes to narrow their search; e.g. I want to see all clear jars that hold over one gallon (sorry that would be 4 liters for you); or I want to see all of the ribbed glass canisters you have and select a size and color from that;


This is not unlike the options available at the following product search site from PriceGrabber.com http://www.pricegrabber.com/search_attrib.php/page_id=197. The options (categories) are displayed on the left and you can select any of these attributes to narrow your search results and refine the displayed catalog listing. Is it possible to achieve any of this with osCommerce that you are aware of?

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