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Orders going down a black hole


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Yes, it is a worry. I've had a couple of occassions where orders placed have not appeared on the system. The clients details are in the customer file, but not their orders. I only know they placed an order because of a payment received notification. The product they choose has had orders attached previously so it appears to be an intermittant fault.

Help appreciated, I am not experienced in programming of any sort, so any comments to us need to be quite low techy. Thanks very much in advance.


all the best


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its because some customers don't bother to return from the payment gateway to your store once they pay. Have a look at the recover cart sales contrib.




Thank you very much, that is very useful to know. I appreciate your reply.

I'm a real novice and a bit of a scardey cat, so I can't see myself installing the software you recommended. It is great to know though that there is an reason for orders falling down the black hole.

I will just email the people and get them to confirm what they ordered for now.


Thanks again, clareo

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