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Two stores with same customers


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Apologies if this is addressed elsewhere, but I haven't found it.


Here's the situation. I have two stores for the same website on the same server. Each of course has it's own database. Each store has its own products and payment gateway. But I would like for both stores to have the same customer base. For example, when a user creates an account in one store, the same user login information allows access to the other store, with access to like personal account information. Updates to an account in one store are reflected when accessed in the other. As the products are different for each store, the order histories will be different and will reflect the user's activity within the particular store.



Because the stores have different products and gateways, having the stores simply point to the same database does not appear to be an option. My idea to simulate a shared customer database is that when a new customer account is created in one store, that store will write the same customer entry in the other store's database and vice versa. An update to a user account will update the same information in both customer entries in both databases. All other database queries (order history, product listings) will be performed only on the store's own database.


After staring at and trying to follow the code which performs queries and account changes for a while :blink: ...I see that programming that could be difficult. It appears that each store's code is primarily geared to access just its own database and I'm concerned about getting wires crossed with my little experience with mysql.


If anyone knows of any solutions along these lines it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks much!


--JDS / DrKvack

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