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Browser is removing html tags (specifically table)


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I'm developing a shop on my laptop (Win XP, running MySQL and Apache) before sending it live on the web. However, something strange is happening in the code (happened twice now).


The first was creating the product descriptions, I am using tables in the description and when refreshed in the browser it is not writing the final </TABLE> It will show the </ but then just blank. I actually have to write </TABLE></TABLE> for it to draw the single close table tag (this is being checked in view source).


This wasn't a huge problem, more just an annoyance, however, I have now come across the same thing on the checkout basket page. For some reason it is not writing the </TABLE> to close the basket list and as such the table and screen overflows somewhat. I have tried putting in spaces, other commands, it just seems to refuse to draw the closing table tag.


Can anyone help me with narrowing this down? Is it an Apache issue or something deeper? The only contrib being ran is the center shop contrib and this appears to work well on all other pages.




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Had the same problem and I've searched through the Forum, Googled it, sifted through dozens of php sites and the only result wat that the problem is not as unique as I innitially thought. Problem is I haven't found a proper sollution yet.


I hotfixed it similar to yours, except I put <table></table> at the bottom of every infobox or content box since every time I fix it in one place it migrates to somewhere else.

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