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Configuration/Administration problems running in Safe Mode


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Getting to grips (by fiddling around) with this bit-by-bit with help from the great people in this forum over the last couple of weeks. Have osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Update 051113. Server is running in safe mode at my ISP.


The question - how to configure/administer on shared servers running safe mode (hence open_basedir restrictions)?


The forum seems to have many (in-)direct references to this problem - but after hours of fishing ... no bite!


Hope that someone can get me one step further!






p.s. I have the same shop running fine on my desk here with XAMPP with no issues at all including installed contributions - except that I cannot host it from here ....



Issues/Solutions I have used :



- always fails @ step 7 with open_basedir problems

- solution I used : edited the 2 configure.php files in admin/includes and catalog/includes

- absolute path - DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT - does not work here

--> open_basedir problem (safe mode) I think



- can configure everything that is under the admin directory

- But cannot configure anything in another tree outside of catalog/admin

--> e.g install payment modules in catalog/includes/modules/payment



- seems to run fine, with contributions and languages installed - no errors have shown up yet

- except no payment modules have been installed (so not very functional yet)

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Still fumbling around in the dark - but came across a 'sledge hammer fix' to part of the problem of administration whilst in PHP safe mode for payments/orders/shipments. Thought I would share this with you for anybody else struggling with this type of problem.


Copy the catalog/includes/modules to catalog/admin/includes/modules

- this copies over the shipping, payments and order configuration part


Copy over the catalog/includes/languages/english/modules to catalog/admin/includes/languages/english/modules

- repeat if you use other languages in admin


In the admin/includes/configure.php I have set the root path to '' i.e. define('DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT', '') and the other paths accordingly.


This all works - and writes into the database 'configuration' table correctly.


Work of caution - if you are installing updates / contributions - you might need to copy this over again.


Maybe there is a much better way? Or the root cause of my problem is something completely different (not PHP safe mode) in the first place ..... ??


Looks like I am out of the basic admin problems ...



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