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The e-commerce.

Want to make sure I'm building an osCommerce friendly site


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I am in the process of building my website and want to make sure that the way I build it will be condusive to useing osCommerce. My biggest question thus far is this:


I am going to be dynamically building my Product Detail pages (mySQL & PHP). These pages link off the master product list. On these detail pages, I will have the "Buy Now" link. (I'm very new to this kind of development) Do I need an extra column in my mySQL Products table for these links? How am I going to be able to generate the proper links so the info gets passed to my future osCommerce pages...?


I might be putting the cart before the horse on this but its taking me so long to get the html and php stuff done, I really don 't want to have to go back and change a lot of stuff when I hook up the ecommerce part.

Thank you!

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