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Help with header


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I was wondering how to make my header adjust sizes like the rest of my site. I used a contribution called store width changer and it adjusts the site ok to the viewers screen rez but the logo stays the same size and looks messed up on all resolutions but the one i designed it in. I am fairly new at this so go easy on me.


To see what i mean go to My Webpage and look at it in different resolutions.


Any help is appreciated



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The header is a fixed width, but the rest of the page is the standard osCommerce variable width. Your header is also too wide for someone using an 800x600 screen resolution (which a vast number of people do). Unless you want a scrollbar along the bottom of your site on an 800x600 screen then you need to do the following:


1. Make the header image smaller and apply a background of the same colour - so that the header can shrink with the rest of the page - it's just the background that gets smaller.


2. Apply my Fixed Width Site With CSS contribution (link below my name), which fixes the width of the site and centres it on the page. The max width should be 770 to avoid scrollbars on an 800x600 screen resolution (770 plus 22 for the side scrollbar plus extra for margins).



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I was wondering how to make my header adjust sizes like the rest of my site.


Hi Matt,


You need to use css divs in order to place your logo where you want it to go. First though, your logo image is 880px wide. This is too big for a 800x600 screen resolution. It hangs off the side and we are forced to horizontal scroll to see the rest of it. What I recommend you do is cut your logo in two, place the name on the left in one div and the pic on the right in another div, using z-index to overlap them. Then no matter what res the viewer is using, the logo will stretch across the page.


Also, not sure what the contribution you used is doing because your actual cart did not stretch the page at all. It remain fixed to the left hand side of the page (viewed it in both 800x600 and 1024x768).


good luck. :thumbsup:



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