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Cannot execute curl


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I am in dire need of some information. My store connects to lonkpoint via the linkpoint mod. Currently the store returns an error stating it could not execute curl. I was getting orders yesterday, but today it is messed up. The internet people at linkpoint are gone for the weekend, so I have come here.


Does anyone know where I should begin looking for a solution? I don't know if this problem is on my site, the host, or linkpoint. Any suggestions are appreciated!


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Hello Tim,


http://curl.haxx.se/ tells me curl is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax.


I think it should be on your server (or LinkPoint's); it's now built-in to PHP 4.0.2, but it appears something has changed on your host or at LinkPoint...


No expert myself, but I hope this helps!



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Your ISP may have changed their firewall. Linkpoint requires that port 1129 be open.


Just a guess, The error message that states "could not execute Curl" is mis-leading and really only means that the return message was null.


Linkpoint may also be down.




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Thanks everybody. Host finally fixed the problem


"The linkpoint port 1129 for one had to be added back in the firewall, plus when compiling php with curl cpanel had a blunder where they made the path to curl wrong"


I was quite worried because I had no idea where to begin. Thanks for the help.

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