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Payments doubt


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I think u mean currencies, and yes. Just define your currency, set it to value 1.000 and put in the symbol (either for the left or right side, depending on country). Set this as your default. If you only want the one currency, thats it, just remove the other ones. If you want extra ones, add them in and give them a value in relation to your own currency (i.e. ?1 is roughly 1.5 euros, so if euro was your default, ? would be set at 1.5 - if ? was your default, euros would be set at 0.66)

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ok, well my answer was about currencies. your next question is about payment methods. Search here - http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions/category,1 for your country or bank of choice. If nothing exists, that isnt the end of the road. You can either build a gateway yourself (or hire someone to do it for you) and then contribute it back into the osc community, or you can still accept the offline payment methods like cheques, bankers drafts and the good old fashioned cash.


Hope that helps

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