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MySQL Database Size??


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I still haven?t populated mySQL with all my products yet, but I was wondering from people who already have their mySQL database populated what is the size (MB or if in GB) of your database? And how many products do you have listed in your database?


I?m curious to know because my current hosting company only provides me with 200MB for my database and I would like to know if this is enough space to hold all of my products. Because if it?s not I will have to look for another hosting company.


I still don?t know how many products I will have but it would be very helpful if I knew what size and how many products other people have listed in their database.


Side Questions:


What hosting company do you recommend in using? Is there a website that lists the best hosting companies around?



Thank you,



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Ok, I only have about 25 products listed so far, and only 230KB used for all my osCommerce Tables. I think this is highly dependant not just on how many products, but think of the size of your images, your descriptions can be pretty long (I use HTML to populat ethe description field, so a desription takes up quite a bit). Not sure, since I am such a "small timer" if this is helpful.


As for web hosting, I use a company called startlogic. $99 a year (like 8 bucks a month) 2G of space, lots of REAL e-mail accounts, etc. and am pretty happy with them.

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Most databases, from my experience are under 100 KB in size although I have seen many that are 20 MB. If the description is very long and full of html code, then the size will quickly rise. But for a new shop, you should be OK. If you go into phpmyadmin and select your database, its size is shown at the bottom.



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Mine is 22Mb and seems to grow by about 30-40k per day - I presume because of orders, since I haven't added many new products (currently at 950 items). I use a shared SSL and it seems to slow down a lot lately when using admin features. Non-SSL pages are as quick as ever, so I can't blame the database. I also added an auto-backup mod, which only does the backup uncompressed, so if I don't regularly delete the backups, they will fill my server!




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