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5 out of 5 Stars text string


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Line 93 in catalog\includes\languages\english.php


Hi Spax


I have changed line 93 to:


define('BOX_REVIEWS_TEXT_OF_5_STARS', '%s of 5 Hearts!');


but it still shows up as 'Stars!' on my site? :huh:


Any ideas?

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I just did a search for it within OSC and there are 20 instances of Stars! being defined. That does include all the different languages plus the different languages within the admin directory.

I changed a couple and got the results you want, but to play it safe, you are probably best going through all the relevant ones (english?) and changing them all. Just the Stars! output I mean, not the UPPER_CASE_NAMES

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Ok. I have just edited


define('TEXT_OF_5_STARS', '%s of 5 Stars!'); to

define('TEXT_OF_5_STARS', '%s of 5 Hearts!');







Seems to have done the trick :)


Thanks for your input Spax!

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