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I'm new here, and maybe is this question already posted. But I couldn't find a good response to my questions.

I'm looking for this in my shop:

Abbility to create discounts for a product, this discount should be a percentage and not a flat number.

Each customer should be able to be a member of a group but this should not be enforced.

A discount rate should be linked to a customer or a group, allowing me to create something like this:


Customer chooses product:

1) check if customer has personal discount rate for this product

2) if there is no personal discount rate check if the customer is part of a group

2b) if there is a group, check whether this group has a discount rate for this product

3) if there is no discount rate found appy the default price


These discount rates should be able to differ per product, example:

Product A ~> Retail gets 10% off

Wholesale gets 20% off

Customer A gets 5% off

Customer B gets 2% off


Product B ~> Retail gets 15% off

Wholesale gets 10% off

Customer A gets 0% off

Customer B gets 20% off


Now to further complicate things, each product should have different prices based on the quantity orderd.


Is this possible and how can this be done?


Thanks on advance,


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Have you searched the contributions?




There are numerous contributions that do parts of what you're describing, but I don't think any one of them does it all. Check and make sure you can't get a couple of the discount and customer groups contributions to work together the way you need them to.



Discount Coupon Codes


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Hello kgt,


I've searched the contribution and I think that total b2b will do most of this. But I can't find the ability to add custom prices per customer, total b2b should be able to handle this but I can't find it. For the different prices per quantity have I found Quantity Price Breaks Per Product.


Hope I can find out total b2b, if anyone can help me ...




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