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hi, I'm new to oscommerce and to this forum,


i'm looking into wether oscommerce can help me out with this one.


I've searched the forums, but haven't found anything on this so could someone please enlighten an n00b & point me in the right direction..


I need the receptionist to have access to the front end (not admin area - shes not computer literate at all) where I can have all the products we sell in a drop down list? - so like she gets 10 drop down lists (so a customer can order up to 10 products) and she chooses the product/s the clients ask for over the phone from the drop down list and it will automatically insert the price and s/weight, then receptionist moves to checkout which ideally would be one page - she keys in their address/ship address (if different) and checks out.


This can be manual typing of products - I don't mind at this end -- as its going thru a manual offline cc for processing.


It wouldn't work if the receptionist had to search thru all the products to find what she wanted with the client on the phone....


Look forward to your replies.


btw: I've noticed cre is an offshoot of oscommerce - whats the diff in the core code or is it just contribs?



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goto the contributions get the "all products" contribution, wrap the main script within a form and add a button to submit it to the shopping cart. You also need a checkbox for each product and an action switch to process it.

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