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Hey there.


Ummm, please get rid of the music! Causes the site to take longer to load, plus the music just doesn't fit with your site.


At the footer - put in your company information with the current copyright date.


Since you have the login/register box on the left hand side, there's no need to have that in the main part of the main page (Welcome Guest...)


I clicked on Shipping/Returns and it took me to the login/register page. Deliberate or error?


Since you have so much running on your site: feeds, etc, I would drop the page transition elements - it drags for us dialup users.


I clicked on the only category you have and again, it went to the login/register page. If a customer can't even see the products you are selling, then you have lost customers.


Otherwise, the site looks pleasing.

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Hi Guys,


Hoping i don't get grilled, so i am going for the gutsie move and putting my shop up for assessment.


will the URL is Here


Let me know what you think.



Remove the music or offer some way for the user to stop playing it if they wish.

Your footer info still displays "Copyright ? 2003 osCommerce" and should have your company name there.


Also instead of using that one category to hide all of your subcategories, why not make them visable from the beginning? A first time visitor will instantly be able to tell what you sell, and having more than one category makes it seem more professional.

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It must be your machine that is taking you to the login page all the time.


I have tested this on heaps of machines and it does not do it on any of them


I agree about the music....


and guys that is only 1 of my cats. I have pulled the site back to allow for manageability. there will be a couple of more cats going up soon.

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looks pretty stock apart from the drop shadows, i dont like the page transitions, besides they fail in my firefox.

i would finish customising the stylesheet, you still have some boxes witht eh default blue backgrounds.


youre asking for my dob, i would never register.


you have an image missing from that page (create account)


change the copyright notice to your company


drop the scrolling boxes they irritate


ther is too much whitespace on the index and product listings, maybe try and balance the left and right boxes a bit better


drop the date and requests in the footer, there of no use to anyone.


do something with your banner to make it fit the screen


add some proper terms and conditions of trade


i dont get the keys on the index page?



just my thoughts, but a good start so far.



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I didn't get the music, I got the "you are missing plugins" message :thumbsup:


I am only going to comment on the main page. You have;


Hello Guest! Would you like to log yourself in? Or would you prefer to create an account?


HyperNet Computer Solutions


On-Site servicing of computer equipment for the central coast of NSW


Recommended by business for our experience in the Microsoft environment. HyperNet Computer Solutions is able to manage your requirements and business needs. If you are requiring networking, Virus Removal, Email, Wireless, Imaging or workflow processing, HyperNet Computer Solutions is the answer for you.


If your business is a mission critical environment. HyperNet computer Solutions is able to manage your servers and desktop environment on a 24X7 solution.


Our Microsoft Certified System Engineers are able to deliver a Solution to you of the highest quality available.


Contact us on


(02) 4388-1646


What this says to a SE is that "Hello guest! Would you ..." is the MOST important text on the page as it shows up first. :(


Then as a customer I have to read all this text in a terrible font to figure out what you do. I guess you do;

- Microsoft environment - what ever that means

- manage your requirements and business needs - meaningless to me

- requiring networking - that is a good keyword

- Virus Removal - good but does not tell me if it is onsite or anything else

- Email, Wireless, Imaging or workflow processing - blah blah blah, same stuff as before, I learnt nothing.

- If your business is a mission critical environment...... again not much said.


Your main page is the most valuable resource your company will have and to me this main page is a waste of web space. Why should someone come to your company over all the others out there.


Why not focus on each section and divide the page up accordingly with a good title for each box. Have something like;


Mission Critical

Protecting your Mission Critical data, communications and power systems is what we are internationally known for. Our managed program gives you the peace of mind knowing you are protected 24/7.


That gives the reader something consice and also tells them why they should do business with you (peace of mind).


Then move on to Microsoft.


Microsoft Environment


One thing is constant in the IT world and that is change. Our team of Microsoft Certified Professionals stay ahead of the change so you don't have to. Let our team keep you up to date and up and running.


Each section can then highlight your abilities and give the reader a hook to bring them deeper into the web site where you can give them ALL the details about your services.

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