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Moving/Copying OSC from PAIR server to a different host


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I have been asked to create a "development" area to work on my first OSC project, and it involves copying a currently operational store over to a totally different server. Can this be done? Here's what I have done:


- downloaded (via FTP) all files on the current site (yes, all 1700 of them!)

- checked for completeness, everything seemed to be there

- uploaded (via FTP) all files onto the new server

- tried to open the store, but it says it can't connect to the database.


So, how can I copy the database from the current server over to my new one? It's MySQL, and I have phpMyAdmin and cPanel to administer.


Any ideas? Also, I know I'll need to change the configure.php file, but not sure how yet.


Thanks for any help!

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Wow, less than a day goes by, and my post is 2 pages down! :blink:


OK, maybe this is an easier question:


How do I reconfigure the /catalog/includes/configure.php file to point to the new database? I was able to GZIP and download the DB from the pair server, and then FTP'd it up to the new server at /catalog/admin/backups/. The idea was to go in to the admin panel and tell it to restore using the DB that I just created. However, I can't get to the admin panel because I can't yet connect to the DB! Does that make sense?


So, I need to tell OSC how to connect to the DB. And I believe this is all done in the /catalog/includes/configure.php file, right?


If so, can someone help me configure this to point to my new DB?



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You need to take an uncompressed backup of your old database via download to your computer.


Then you backup all of your website files/folders and FTP them to the new host.


Then you set up a blank database with your new host.


Then you access phpMyAdmin with your new host, locate the blank database, click on the SQL tab and use the Browse box to locate the uncompressed backup of your database (on your computer), then click the Go button to populate the blank database with the data from the old one.


Then you edit both configure.php files with the DR_FS pathways for your new hosting company.



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Thank you!


That worked.


One problem already: I created a new account for myself (using the website, not the DB), and upon completion of the new account, I clicked on "my previous orders", expecting to see nothing (because I had never had an account before). Well, it said I had made an order recently, but the account info wasn't mine...it was the most recent order in the DB. Can you explain why it attached my account number to this other person's order? Maybe there is a connection I missed in the migration...


Thanks for your help!

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