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Variable Price


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Howdy osCommerce members, I am trying to find out if this is the shopping cart solution for my site!


The flat out easiest was to say this is I need variable pricing.


Saying that gets me in trouble, "Yes! We have variable pricing!" I have heard. They mean having me set prices prior, say small shirt if $4 and large is $5.


I need a price that can be anything, at anytime, without setting up different prices.




This way I can price my events based on all the different options available through my own PHP script, then added a custom priced product to the cart.


Thanks for your help! :thumbsup:

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osc has attributes support for products where you can set the prices. There are also multiple contributions that for attributes that further enhance this functionality. I'm believe osc does what you want.

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Hi enigma1, thanks for the reply! I have searched through all of the contributions but can't seem to find one that does what I am trying to do.


There are many attribute addons that help with managing prices, but you have to preset all the prices.


I can't seem to find any solution that lets me set a price at the time "add to cart" is pressed. Like specifying quantity, its variable 1-10000000.

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