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Need Suggestions on Contribs and site in general


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Here is a link to my site My Webpage I would like to have

the contrib that rotates the products in the new products for ... box and the contrib for making the pictures

clearer and faster load times the pictures are currently in jpg format. I also would like the wonderful people

in these forums to take a look at my site and send me some feedback. I know most of you are very busy,

however if you have a free moment please send any kind of feedback. Many thanks in advance.

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Hi m8, first off, this should be in store review forum, sure it will get moved by a mod soon, so be aware that it may not be here when u come back!


OK, the rotating products, I assume by this you mean some kind of scroller in the box. There are commercial flash add-ons you can buy elsewhere, or http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...l/search,rotate may do the trick for you.


As far as your site goes, it is very busy on the eye. It may also beenfit from being restricted in width to a 800 pixel centered style, at the minute the page looks incredibly spaced out. I like your personalised buttons, but the background image is just that little bit too much and distracts you from the main content of your pages.


Your product images are OK, but the dollies get more prominence than your actual products, your terms and conditions have some elementary spelling mistakes, and are not really comprehensive enough (the vague "you agree to any and all of the terms and conditions of use anywhere within this site" leaves you very open to deliberate misunderstandings. Your about us page is very short, and actually had the effect of killing any chance you may have had of a sale from me - you need to spend some time to make these static pages professional, and fill me with confidence about your organisation.


Your fonts on the site have so many different size settings that it has the effect of making the site look untidy - use more uniform fonts, colours and sizes, and your whole design will begin to gel. Your "scent list" page is a real missed opportunity - make those different scents categories or products, and make the types of product clickable so that I can go through to the actual item and place an order with you - as well as making your customers life easier and increasing your sales conversion rates, this is also great for search engine robots.


Overall, its a very good start and you are heading in the right direction, but to me it still looks like a site created in spare time by somebody working in their kitchen. A couple of fairly minor changes will begin to make your site look like a cottage industry with a professional outlook on product quality and customer service, two elements that you have to convince your customers of in order to make the best sales.


Hope that helps, and I dont want to be so critical as to put you off altogether - this is good, but it can be better with about an hours extra work!

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Thanks for the input and sorry for puttin it in the wrong section. No one seemed to be answerin me. Dont worry about bieng to critical, thats what I was looking for. It also allows one to get good resopnses. I have been working on this site for about a month now for my g/f who wanted to start sell her homemade candles on the net. I know I still have alot of work to do. But, I am in no hurry I would rather have something be completly done then have somethin half done. The main thing that I wanted was for someone who knew a whole lot more than I to look at it and see what needs worked on. I want to say thank you for taking the time to look at it and being honest and letting me know. I could send you an invite later on if you wanted to look at it again(at your discretion of course) when I am finished. Agian thank you for your time.

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Oh I forgot one thing the contrib that I seen that I wanted and didnt download when I seen it is for the new product for nov.. or what ever and every time the page gets displayed agian there is a different group of products in this box. Thanks again for your time.

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no problem - sure, yell me when you done some more and ill take another squint for you! As far as contribs go, use the search bar in the contribs section and you wont go far wrong re-discovering the package you mention.


best wishes,



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