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osCommerce and Sports Clubs? Workable?


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Hi, I'm with an inline skating club, and we are reworking our website to include an online store, and a forum (phpbbs). It sounds great but in planning the integration, things start to fall apart, every component wants a userid and registration form. We really don't want people to have to fill out registration multiple times, and have a separate session in each component (main site, store, forum). I've been reading a lot, and so far it seems like the only solution is to hack each component. We really don't want to do this because it adds risk and effort instead of making life easier.


Is there any plugins for OSC that allows for the user table to be managed externally? I recognize there are security issues, but having a common user table for all our components would really make integration a lot easier.


Is there any plugins for inserting a user into the OSC user table? At least if we could register users on our main site and then just inject that user into OSC and phpbbs, they would not have to register in each component. Session management would still be an issue, but typing in a common user id is a lot easier than entering your mailing address and everything three different times :( I think I can figure out how to do that user injection in phpbbs, but for OSC I'm not sure if it can be done.


Also, our main site needs to know when the member products have been purchased so that we can "activate" the member as a fully paid member. Are there and examples of that part of the integration that I might be able to go look at? Even if its just a hook that says "go look at the OSC db, person x was updated somehow".


Has anyone else done this sort of thing before? I don't think we are the first sports club to want to sell memberships and stuff online. People must have sorted this out already?


if you have any suggested readings you can point me to, or don't mind sharing your experience doing this kind of thing, I'd really like to hear from you. OSC seems like a great way to do the store part, but if integratino is nearly impossible to do then we'll move on and look at other solutions, potentially even rolling are own store from scratch :( last resort! We really do want to use something out of the box, but getting out of the box stuff that actually integrates with other out of the box stuff seems very hard to do :(


Thanks in advance for any tips/pointers,


Michael Garvin


[email protected]

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