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The e-commerce.

Flash not used in osC


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Before i start, my last post about templates was removed from this forum ( no reason why was said but i guess for spam reasons and that's fine ) so i will make this clear i not on the market for a template from anyone. :thumbsup:


My question ive spoken to a few people and for some reason we can not have flash with osC, i find this strange, i know i can have an e-catalog but not flash buttons and so on... is there a reason why for this? :blink:


As always many thanks in advance






Again, spammers! even if a template can be made for osc with flash im not interested...

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I don't know about templates, as I have never shopped for one. But I just did a search of the contributions on the keyword "flash" and it came back with 24 contributions including several that looked promising for someone wanting to incorporate flash into their osc store.


Homepage design


Homepage design aims at customizing the homepage based on different templates. The templates includes text, images or flash content.


Flash Banners


This will allow you to use Macromedia flash banner .

Simply upload a swf file and the script will make the difference between gif or swf




This will embed a Flash file of your choice on your main

template. Every page within your OSC site will have the flash file playing as you control the size and determine the placement.


Osc Flash SlideShow


Its just a slideshow of products with links of products with it.(you need to create the images and and xml file )


Pass osCommerce session IDs into Flash


Learn how to pass osCommerce variables (including session information) into flash files for proper navigation, enhanced features, and more.


Flash Images All Over Site


If you want to use Flash images all over the site, just follow the instructions in this package.


Shockwave Flash Ripple Button


The buttons were designed for a client of ours, along with a few other sets

demonstrating different layouts, they chose anther batch. Therefore we no

longer have any use for these so are letting them be used by you guys.



Rule #1: Without exception, backup your database and files before making any changes to your files or database.

Rule #2: Make sure there are no exceptions to Rule #1.

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Many flash elements can be integrated into osc, simply go to contribs and type in "flash" in the search bar and you will find quite a few already up and running. I myself am trying to figure how to make a completely flash templated osc cart, but buttons, headers, modules and infoboxes HAVE been done - this is possible, but for some reason the information relating to the combination of osc and flash is extremely scarce on these forums, something I find very strange given the amount of discussion, the huge volume of threads and the popularity of flash as a medium on websites.....

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Thanks mike and anthony, sometimes i write before i look, Ive now found loads about flash here... sorry about that : )


I think with most designers if you what a full up and running flash site it takes a long time to make all the components to work and that's why they stay away from it as cost would go though the roof.



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