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Can i use two different prices/payment methods on items?


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My store is selling mp3s of bands on my record label, as these mp3s are generally only about 80p Paypal works out very expensive banking for me. I have also installed Centripaid on the site which works out much fairer banking charge, however consumers are not generally aware of the payment service and as you have top upload credit to it may not want to use it for a quick one off purchase, the ideal solution for me is to have mp3s on sale via paypal for 90p and the same mp3 sold via centripaid for 60p (the profit margin would be about the same, the difference is down to lower banking charges)


therefore my query is would i have to build two stores, a centripaid one and a paypal one which could be annoying or could i run both the different prices/payment system from the same store.



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anyone know or could point me in the direction of a contribution/guide please??



Failing that the other option is to have two stores, a quick purchase one where people pay say 75p using paypal and an account one where people pay 50p using Centipaid.

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