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Moving products & categories to another site


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I've made a new site on a different domain and I want to move some of the products from my old one to my new one. I have already added a bunch of new products to the database on my new site, so I don't want to just overwrite the new database with the one from the old site.


If possible, I also don't want to install the products populate script on the old server that allows you to add products with an Excel spread sheet.


Is there a way to copy the old ones through the interface that I haven't seen, or maybe a way to use phpMyadmin?

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Okay, I began moving the products over through phpMyadmin. I started with one product to make it easier since I'm not positive what I'm doing. I exported the SQL and realized I had to add 3 extra fields since the database on the new site has fields to hold my meta tag info (title, keywords, description).


Here's the SQL i ran on the new site to transfer one of the products:


INSERT INTO `products_description` VALUES (100, 1, ' Product description right here ', '', 8867, " ", " ", " ");


It ran okay, but the product isn't coming up through the web browser. I can see the entry in phpMyadmin, but how do I get that product linked to a category?



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Oh, I also renumbered the product IDs to start at 100 so they don't interfere with the identical ones in the new database. I've figured out that the 8867 number is the "products viewed" entry for that product.


I then went into the products_to_categories table and found that each row has an entry which I'm assuming matches the product ID to the category ID. I did:


INSERT INTO products_to_categories values (100, 35);


This inserted the product ID of the new product I added with the first SQL query into the category with ID 35 (my "Full Bed Sheets" category)


BUT, when I browse the site, no new products are in that category! What more do I need to do?

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It looks like I missed another table that needed to be added! I forgot to add the "products" table!


After I added the new entry to the new database, the new product magically appeared!


Thanks for all your help everybody! lol

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