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Blank Page


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try to restore the default osc file. String quotes should be escaped. Its a common problem if you forget to do that.


what's -> what\'s


Thanks so much for answering. The progam came pre loaded on my server. All I did was put one word on the ...english/index.php page and then went back to the online catalogue and it was gone. I didn't do anything else, and then I took the word out and it still didn't load. How do I restore the osc default file?


I asked customer support at my server the question and this was his answer:

" I found some syntax errors in the file which will cause the page to

not load and will give you the blank page you've described.


I have restored the default index.php file which is now working again.

PHP is very touchy about syntax. If you even get one thing wrong, it

will fail to load the page.


One thing I noticed is that some of the single quotes were unbalanced.

For example:



define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Let\'s See What We Have Here');



define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Let's See What We Have Here');


When you use a single quote within a string that is single quoted, you

must use a backslash in front of it. Notice the difference in the

word "Let's" in the examples above."


When I first install the program from the server, the online catalogue appears. If the customer support's answer were correct, the page would never have appeared in the first place. He restored the page and the page appeared, and then I opened the ...index.php file and saved it, even without making any changes, the online catalogue disappeared. Any ideas?


Thanks so much, sheldon

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My problem is like your prob.


I made my costumize template on my pc, but when i send it to the webserver, the only thing i get is a blank page like you.


This is the page source code:




I already try to send all files, but without sucess.


If any one could help, tell me something.



KUBICO from Portugal

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