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Gift Vouchers / Discount Coupons contrib. not always discounting (Credit Class & Gift Voucher)


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Hello everyone.


I have the strangest problem and it's 100% repeatable...


It has to do with applying gift voucher discounts to a purchase using the Credit Class & Gift Voucher contribution.


Here's what I do step by step...


I generate a gift voucher and e-mail it to a user.


I then log in as that user and successfully redeemed the gift voucher .


I then add items to my shopping basket (as that user) and then check the box "to be used from Gift Vouchers" in checkout_payment.php.


I then click Continue and get taken to checkout_confirmation.php where the discount does not appear in or gets reflected on my order total... Not in the list, not in the Total Price number either...


I hit the back button or simply click on the Payment Information link at the bottom to go back to checkout_payment.php.


I re-check the checkbox "to be used from Gift Vouchers" (which is appearing unchecked by the way).

I click on Continue again and get taken to checkout_confirmation.php where the discount now does appear!


If I go back to checkout_payment.php and click on Continue again, the discount will again disappear in the checkout confirmation page, regardless of whether I click on the "to be used from Gift Vouchers" or not...


This goes on and on with a 100% repeatability...


On the first round, the checking of the "to be used from Gift Vouchers" checkbox makes no difference and then when you go back to the checkout payment page from the checkout confirmation page, it does.


So, the discount is once off and once on!


By the way, I've checked that the cot_gv session is registered when the discount is applied (I get the value 1 in it) and is not registered when the discount isn't applied (I get nothing echoed from it).


Any ideas as to why this may be happening?


I have v5.16 of the CCGV contrib. with the 15 Feb 2006 update too.


My OSCommerce version is: 2.2-MS2



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I have a similiar problem. Have not installed Gift vouchers, only the discount coupon part of CCGV (trad). It never discounts the first time the customer comes to checkout_confirmation. If he goes back and enters it again or simply reloads the page, the discount is shown (and registered)... :'(

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