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Strange Happenings with File Manager


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I am experiencing strange effects when using File Manager. Each time I edit and save a file a number of blank lines are inserted between each line of code. as you can imagine, after a few edits there are huge gaps between each line of code!

Any ideas?

Kind Regards


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the latest is here:



Did you download the archive from this site or from somewhere else? Usually you do the file editing locally and then upload to the server the moded files. Because you never know, if you get a problem with the connection it may corrupt the file and lose the changes. Editing locally gives you the advantage of having a backup and of course if you use version control for the changes a local copy is required.

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well you could debug the string that is saved. Its in the file_manager.php file


	  case 'save':
	if ($fp = fopen($current_path . '/' . $HTTP_POST_VARS['filename'], 'w+')) {
	  fputs($fp, stripslashes($HTTP_POST_VARS['file_contents']));
	  tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_FILE_MANAGER, 'info=' . urlencode($HTTP_POST_VARS['filename'])));


The $HTTP_POST_VARS['file_contents'] is the one you want to see its contents. Or you could use an external regular editor instead.

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