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strange behaviour, need help!


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Hi everyone,

I'm doing some work on a friend's site, and I seem to have caused some very weird behaviour and I need some help/advice!


This is what happened: I integrated the batch print centre 3.11 mod onto his site. The first problem was as soon as I amended the application_top.php file to define the batch_print.php filename, the oscadmin logon took 2 times (i.e. the first logon did not work) but after the successful 2nd logon, the browser got stuck on the login.php path and never did the tep_redirect to the index.php for the oscadmin main page. I isolated this to that file mod I did because I removed it and tested it, etc. I left this problem aside to figure it out a bit later since it was not customer affecting.

Once I got the batch_print mod installed and made some minor modifications to the sql queries (their db schema is slightly different), I was able to run the batch print -> pdf and also the batch update of status.


However, now, all the pages in the oscadmin "hang" on the tep_redirect, and I have removed all the batch_print code and restored all the original files the way they were prior to installing the batch print....everything is hanging. Example, when you manually update an order status, the update is committed to the db, but the browser hangs at http://(urlhere)/oscadming/orders.php?page=1&oID=4262&action=update_order and never goes back to the orders.php page....same with adding new items to the catalog, they get committed but they hang.


I honestly cannot see where the problem is, the original code was working for years prior to this. Is it possible that something globally was set when I ran the batch print module successfully? application_top.php is back to it's original state. I did notice that there are session issues as well, like the logout of the oscadmin does not work correctly, could it be a session issue?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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