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USPS ounces versus pounds???


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Going crazy. I need to add products to my catalog. However....i can't locate anywhere in my admin to change the default setting to ounces. What or where is it?


I found a post here




that said


Yes, there is. The documentation you saw about the weight class is for the next release of osCommerce and for now you only have to change the textual thing. The word 'pounds' is found in the file, for the english language, (catalog)/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/usps.php

Change it to ounce in that file and do the same for the same files in any other language you use.

The usps shipping module should be the only one where you will find an occurence of pounds.

Other shipping methods may use lbs which you can find and change in the same directory."


Is this the line that they are refering to that needs to change -


define('MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TEXT_DESCRIPTION', 'United States Postal Service<br><br>You will need to have registered an account with USPS at http://www.uspsprioritymail.com/et_regcert.html to use this module<br><br>USPS expects you to use pounds as weight measure for your products.


Just changing this one word from pounds to ounces will let oscommerce and USPS know that's what we're using. It sounds to easy. There's nothing in my entire admin area to address this??


Please help.......

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When I go into config area i do not have one listed - * Default Shipping Unit


# Introduction

# Shipping/Packaging


* Country of Origin

* Postal Code

* Enter Maximum Package Weight You Will Ship

* Package Tare Weight

* Larger Packages - Percentage Increase

* Default Shipping Unit - NOT THERE


Any reason why? OMG this is killing me! :blink:

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