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The e-commerce.

What am I doing wrong?


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I have created two sites using Os commerce and done few mods, when it came to time for marketing i installed easy populate listed teh sites on froogle, and installed all products, then i heard of site maps which i installed too , futher i installed Seo Url and heaader tags contributions. all this and i have been waiting to get the sites listed on google or msn.


so far nothing, am not listed, i had to go for pay per click to get any kind of listing, and sure enough i only get about 5 visitors a day only, at cost, but am not on free search engines at all.


could you please suggest what i might be doing wrong, the sites been up for two months now.






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If your site has been up 2 months and you have at least a few other sites linking to you, and your robots text is not messed up, then you are probably listed in the search index and just not ranking for any desired keywords.


To see if you are in the index, try using your full domain name as a search term, like this



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Yep, sounds to me like you have done quite a bit of ON site search engine optimisation, but a search engine robot has to be able to find you in the first place. this means links, and lots of them, but be considered about where you get them. visit http://info.vilesilencer.com for a good free source of directories who will list your site for no fee and who dont need a link back. Submit your site carefully - bear in miind that the people running these directories get hundreds of submissions a week, so be careful to follow each directories rules and guidelines. If you get into the majority of the sites on that list, the search engines will be sniffing around you like an ant around a jam jar.


If, as it sounds you have, the onsite optimisation is good, then it will not be very long until you are bringing in lots of visitors every day, without having to part with the large amount of pennies that PPC can cost.


One other thing - when building your links, if you are asked to provide a title which people can click to visit you, try to get some of your main keywords into the title. Dont be spammy about it, but your keywords being in the actual text which links to you can only be good.


Oh, and to expand on the above tip about checking the search engfines for your site, also check to see if the search engines have found any links to you yet; depending on the engine you can use:




The ; version generally returns a sample, and normally if you are allowed to use the : version it returns all links, although most engines will never show you the whole picture....

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I dont think the link; operator is supported by any of the big 3.


The best place to check backlinks is at Yahoo. Google deliberately only shows a small sample and MSN often picks up links that are not really links.


The correct syntax for Yahoo is link:http://www.domain.com

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