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The e-commerce.

rookie needs help with authorize.net module setup


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I'm a rookie with little experience and have setup oscommerce. Everything works great except authorize.net checkout (other checkouts are OK).


the module is setup: credit card test info: ??????

enable authorize.net : true

login ID: (inputed)

transaction key: (inputed)

trans mode: production

trans method: credit card


During checkout, everything is inputed and get the confirm screen. Once confirm screen is entered (confirmed), it sends me back to my home page. There is no error code, no transaction denied / approved page.... nothing and the transaction is never submitted (oscommerce or authorize.net)


ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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I am a total rookie (newbie) myself, but the Authorizenet module that I installed is working :D


The difference that I see between what I have configured and what you have configured is only ONE item:


I do not have anything entered in "Transaction Key". I don't know what information you found to put in there, but I couldn't find anything in my authorizenet account profile that matched the words "transaction key" so I just left it blank, and it works.


Also - have you enabled "weblink" and specified your url (www.yoursitename.com) on Authorizenet so they know where they will receive orders from? That may also be causing a snafu if you didn't set it up.


Now, if I could figure out how to get the "this is for demonstration purposes only" off the home page, I'd be a happy camper


Good luck!


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May I press my luck and ask how to remove "OS Commerce" and the little logo from the upper left corner of the home page? I am very grateful for your help.

that is an easy task, just read how to do it in the documentation .pdf that came with oscommerce. :)

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