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Removing Image Linking Directory


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Hi All,


I have a question that i hope someone can answer.


I have been speaking to my supplier and they have granted me access to hot link to there images.


The First thing a am trying to do is,

Remove the http://wwww.mysite.com.au/catalog/images directory from the configuration of OSC.


The second is replacing this with the public server directory of my supplier.


So now i am confised.

i have looked in the config file and as we know there is only a directory of images/. i thought that this would be harder than just going to the config file and changing this.


Please help.


Thanks guys and gals...

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Forget it - it's not going to work - for so many reasons.


One is that when you add products to your Catalog you have to 'upload' the product image for it to be listed in the database (which is where the pathway to the image is pulled from by osCommerce).


You would still need to have your 'images' folder for osCommerce to serve up image files located on your website (Logo etc).


Even if you could get it to work then your website would be totally dependent upon the speed of your suppliers server being able to serve up all images for the page to load, without timing out. You'd end up with a long page loading time and lots of blank image placeholders with red crosses in them.



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thanks for the reply,


What my intensions were is to use easy populate to map to the image, However i am trying to work on a XML feed to download the products from my supplies and datestamp them, format them in Excell and upload with easy populate. I have been having big problems with the database. Because if my supplier drops a product or the pricing is changed. How do you know that you are delivering your products to the end user at the best price you can do.


The only way i have found this to work. Is deleting the DB records and uploading a new database at the same time. If a product is dropped by my supplier, i see a potential problem with redundent images being left on my server and my server space increasing and me getting charged for extra usage on the server.


Maybe you know of a better way to manage this problem with OSC. If you do i am all ears.

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So try it.


I guessing that you'll see the store slow way down and you'll for sure have ssl problems if you're using ssl. You'll dramatically increase the number of http requests which the store has to make.


You can experiment just by setting the images folder to the remote address and letting the other images fail to show during your test.


If you're satisfied with the results do some recoding to establish a "PRODUCT_IMAGES" folder and add it to your configure.php files. Or you could just set the remote address into the db since you're not using admin to input the products anyway.

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