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OSC Player 2.1 - Creating Folders Problem...


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I seem to be getting some mad errors with my player. Everything is as far as I'm aware is set up properly, I did a fresh install of oscommerce-2.2ms2-051113 then installed the player by running the SQL file, uploading the files & then finally editing the 2 configure.php files an uploading them...


The problem is when I come to make the folder on the product, I find a record I want to add an mp3 sample to, click mp3 manager, then it says there is no folder for this product, so I type a new folder name and sometimes it creates it successfully, then try another and it comes up with this:


1062 - Duplicate entry '39' for key 1


insert into products_mp3 (products_id, products_folder) values ('39', 'DJALLSTARSBRONSIS')




^^ even tho there isnt a duplicate entry already on the ftp :blink: I have tried CHMOD to 777 but that still hasn't resolved it...


> Is there certain characters it doesn't like?

> I read somewhere else that make sure your DIR_WS_CATALOGUE path is well defined? What does it mean?


The only thing I think I could have done wrong is adding them lines of text to the configure.php & I think its to do with the path of mp3 folder.


This is what my 2 edited files look like:





Any clues as to why this keeps playing up? Thanks alot, Jay :)

*WhAt HaVe I GoTtA Do*

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