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As some of you may be aware I have done a little work in dealing with pictures. While I do not take good photo's I have a little skill in editing and improving the quality. As I have done this for a living and am trying to get out of this field I thought I would show you all an e-mail I use in dealing with distributors and manufactures that my customers ordered from. This form was made by me and is edited depending on the situation at hand. It is my basic guide line for gaining permissions to use pictures. Please follow these basic guidelines though.

  1. Never just take a picture without permission
  2. Never claim to be the photographer when your not.
  3. Never watermark someone else work without permission.
  4. Ask every year unless a written and hand signed contract was established.
  5. If someone links to your photos don't cry change them to something like "PICTURE THEFT go to www.yourname.com/theft" and explain your rules of use there."
  6. If you took the picture or edited the picture take a theft as saying "DANG HE DOES GOOD WORK" but still try to get him/her stopped.
  7. Be nice and understanding if you cant get permissions from the owner of the photo's and take your own.

I just ordered a large shipment of cables and misl. computer supplies from you reseller site. I am writing to gain the permission of using your stock photo's for use on my web-site. I would also like permission to water mark the photo's with "photo property of Your Company." I would do this to help prevent others from linking to my site for usage on their domain. As the growing theft of internet pictures increase we at your company do not contribute to this theft via not using pictures without consent and using our own server to house the pictures we use.


I would appreciate the following information included with permission:


Name of authorizing person:


Permission granted to: Your Company


Permission for use of stock photo's:


Permission to watermark with our logo of stock photo's:




Thank you in advance I would understand and respect a decline to ether of these requests.


Your name and title

Your company

Your contact information

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