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Help! Google pageads on my site; didn't put them there


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Any help is greatly appreciated. Here are the details:


1. I clicked pn the 'My account' and received the warning of 'This page contains both secure and non secure items'.


2. I noticed a little white box would appear at the top of the page, and push my website down a bit. Regardless of whether I clicked yes or no to the warning message, the little box would then disappear. If I clicked 'Yes' to display the insecure items, I wouldn't get the little 'lock' icon at the bottom of the page.


3. I proceded to troubleshoot using posts involving SSL issues. I made all of the recommended changes including AlainR's usage of his myenv.php file, updates to my configure.php file's http_sever to 'https' instead of 'http', etc. None of these worked.


4. I tried to view the source code of the login.php page, but the 'Source' option was greyed out. That's when I selected the 'Privacy Report..' option from the 'View' menu. It showed all of my 'secure SSL' pages, but showed three google pagead URLs that I have not even added to my site! This is what causes the 'Secure/non-secure' message to appear because the URLs begin with http:.


5. I've searched high and low in many files including login.php, configure.php (both of them), select_rs.php, etc. with no luck in finding references to the google ads.


If anyone can help it would be a blessing as I've been troubleshooting this for the past 5 hours. Thanks! I would be happy to email anyone screenshots of the issue.



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