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Multi-Lingual Sites ~ Finding a good 'work-around'


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Dear Colleagues;

Curently, in our install,

...changing languages changes the menu bars and certain data into the new (flag) language

Very nice if all you need are the menues/user instructions in 'your preferred 1st language' and you only want the products in the default basic language of the site (i.e., English, for example)

BUT, we want to be Really User-Friendly!!!...so our customers get everything in their 1st language!!!

1) What is the/a 'Best Practices' recommended work-around to display only the 'right language specific products' in a Category, when a language flag is selected?


2) Also, Certainly the customer can change languages and should get both menues and product info in the next language selected!


Doing this will obviously give

3) The right language specific descriptive text for a selected product, and displayed in the right language every time for tools and banners and instructions.


Can 'products attributes' do this language shuffle, or is there a simpler way, please?

We are basically creating a new page for the same product in each of the other languages.

The idea is to show the right products for the language flag selected, then the right language description for any one product selected under that language flag.

Certainly the product price is the same, & just the description is different.

Our category titles do not change, as they are already clearly 'coded' to language in their obvious names.


...I probably missed something really embarrassingly basic/fundamental & obvious, here, so thanks for your patient thoughts on work-arounds here!

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When you add your products you get the option of adding all of the product details in each of the languages you have installed. If you don't input any information in those other languages then you customers are out of luck - unless you mean something else which I'm not catching on to. If you wish to offer different products based on language then set up different stores all managed from the one admin panel by using the Multy Stores contribution.



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It is sometimes surprising what a synergistic combination of sleep deprivation plus both errors of omission and comission can do! Looks seemingly very complex, but easy to fix. Thanks for the middle-of-the night wake up call Vger! Got it... :thumbsup: Much appreciated...

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