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Enter "Price" & "Specials Price" in one shot?


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I am setting up a vitamin shop store front for a client. The twist on this is that 90% of ALL products will be "Specials". So when he enters a new product and it ask for Price, I want to enable him to also specify the Specials price. As it is now if I am not mistaken it is set up so you enter a product w/ a price AND then you go to the specials and specify a specials price. Let me show you an example. Go to this url - http://www.vitacost.com/productResults.aspx?N=32+1003330 (not my site) and you will see every product has a "Retail Price" and a "Our Price", the latter equates to a special price if you will. How can I set up my oscommerce site so when he enters/edits a product he can kill two birds with one stone. Thanks for you help, love this project.

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